villa - Recharge Ibiza
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Welcome to my villa

Step into my splendid villa! Situated on top of a mountain on a 40,000 m2 estate, it’s merely a 12-minute drive from the city and a convenient 20 minutes from the airport. This is the perfect haven to decompress and discover fresh perspectives. Enjoy the expansive swimming pool, and in the evening, bask in the cozy ambiance by the fireplace. This opulent villa is equipped with all modern conveniences, including air conditioning and underfloor heating. If you desire a change in your life, then show up at my villa right here in Ibiza.


By taking a step back, detaching from your usual environment, and embracing complete surrender, you gain a panoramic perspective. This vantage point, when coupled with thoughtful inquiry and with the right questions, often unveils the necessary steps to calm the chaos in your mind or release tension in your body. It’s a space I’d be delighted to share with you.