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For men ready to ignite their inner leadership

master the leader of your life

Leadership is the ability to guide, inspire, and influence yourself or a group of people toward achieving a common goal or vision. It involves taking initiative, making decisions, and providing direction. Lots of times we notice that men are lacking leadership in their own lives, which also affects their personal life and relationships. By getting more in tune with your masculinity, you are able to gain more control over your life again.


Being a self-leader requires ongoing effort and self-reflection. It’s about taking responsibility for your own growth, well-being, and success. By practicing these principles, you empower yourself to lead a fulfilling and purposeful life.


If you desire a real change in your life, then show up now!

pause & reflect

Everyone needs a moment to recharge, however, it is often difficult because we think we cannot be missed. This is especially true for entrepreneurs and professionals. You understand firsthand, that without taking a moment to recharge and gain perspective, life can become more challenging, and we can feel lost. This can lead to restlessness or even physical symptoms. Give yourself a moment to recharge your internal battery and to reflect on where and who you want to be. An electric car won’t get far on an empty battery and neither will you.


You deserve to embrace the serenity of nature, engage in mindful walks, destressing sauna sessions, and indulge in rejuvenating breathing exercises and well-deserved massages. Relax and take your revitalized spirit home.

masculine dynamics

What does it mean to be a man today? What is expected from us? And how can we regain our (inner) leadership again?


I personally feel that we need a world with stronger men. Most men seem lost nowadays and are struggling to get into a loving & balanced relationship. Mainly because most men were missing a strong father in their lives and probably got a wrong imprint on how to be a man.


When we become stronger men, with a balanced masculine energy, women are able to surrender into their feminine essence, and more love & understanding arises.
This will be an unforgettable week where you will learn and experience the life-changing dynamics between the masculine and feminine energies for thriving relationships and empowering your inner leader.

for entrepreneurs & professionals

This program is tailored for male entrepreneurs and professionals seeking tranquility amidst their busy lives. We often have compelling narratives, coupled with the hustle and bustle of a demanding lifestyle. Our veins often pulse with adrenaline, yet we seldom heed the wisdom of our bodies. I understand firsthand how easy it is to overlook these signals, perhaps attempting to drown them with a glass of wine or other stimulants. Fatigue, rumination, irritability, restless sleep, focus and memory issues, or a sense of agitation are often signs that it’s time to take a step back.

with entrepreneurs & professionals

As a successful individual you probably reflect on your journey and remain receptive to personal growth. You continually ask yourself what you can do better or differently and consider what you have yet to invest (be it in energy, time, actions, finances, or emotions). Too little rest and chronic stress weakens masculine strength, often causing men to become indecisive, lose confidence, and possibly even have relationship challenges. In a small group setting of up to 4 men, with proper guidance, a safe and trusted atmosphere is created where masculine energy is quickly boosted.

High five ondernemers

who am I?

I’m Roel, a 52-year-old entrepreneur with a wealth of life experience. My passion lies in sharing, the knowledge and insights I’ve gained, with fellow men seeking peace of mind, clarity, and direction. Through the guidance of various coaches, transformative seminars, family constellations, master classes, enriching tantra weekends, and extensive training, I’ve undergone substantial personal growth. I now approach life with a full yes, and have gone from a semi-satisfying life to manifesting the life I deeply yearned for.

I share both my current insights and the wisdom I’ve gathered with fellow entrepreneurial men, not as a coach, but as a like-minded person and not from a coaching role. In my early days of entrepreneurship, I encountered burnout, experiencing a range of symptoms that even led me to the emergency room due to pressure in my chest. Despite being in excellent physical health, I had to learn how to navigate and care for my own well-being. The body tells you exactly what to do, but you need to know how to listen to it.


personal training sessions




breathing sessions




Boat trip

why this week?

From my own entrepreneurial experience, I understand the struggle of finding a space to recharge and engage with like-minded men. Often, I encountered environments, trainers, and spiritual workshops where feminine energy took the forefront. However, I felt the need to reconnect with my own masculine strength and inner leadership.

I’m eager to share my journey and the wisdom I’ve gathered with you. You have every right to relish life to its fullest while embracing your masculinity and personal power. You can achieve this without immediately turning to various daily distractions like alcohol, food, smartphones, work, porn, or excessive exercise. Curious about how? Join me by signing up below.