program - Recharge Ibiza
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Embark on a transformative week in Ibiza, dedicated to absolute relaxation and returning home with a revitalized spirit and crystal-clear mind. Experience rejuvenating breathing sessions for a boost of vitality, indulge in therapeutic massages for complete release, receive personalized training sessions, explore nature through invigorating hikes, and take a thrilling boat excursion to Formentera or a lavish beachfront lunch. These are just some of the diverse tools offered to help you let go and gain fresh perspectives, all while savoring nutritious and delectable cuisine.


Upon your arrival at the airport, you’ll receive a personalized pick-up service. Once at the villa, you can unwind by the pool, terrace, or by a warm fireplace. It’s in these special moments and conversations, like a boat excursion to Formentera or a leisurely beach club luncheon, experience the unique atmosphere right here in Ibiza.


A concise overview of the program includes:

• Check-in on Sunday (or Monday morning) and depart on Friday afternoon.
• Five nights of accommodation with daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided.
• Two rejuvenating breathing sessions.
• Three tailored personal training sessions.
• One exhilarating nature hike.
• A soothing massage for ultimate relaxation.
• An evening dedicated to unwinding in the sauna.
• Either a picturesque boat trip to Formentera or a sumptuous beach club lunch.


Available Weeks:
• June 2nd to 7th, 2024

• Alternatively, reach out for 1-on-1 sessions/week (available upon request)


New exiting retreats for a unique trauma healing starts in 2024:

In 2024 there will be special weeks for both men and women where they can work on their traumas. This will be an intensive program with 2 facilitators, I cooperate with my partner Liz the

Please contact me for more details.

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General information:

Cost for Recharge Ibiza Week (5 days): €2,495.00 (excluding VAT). Additional charge for a private room: €500.00 (excluding VAT).

• Invoicing: Invoices can be issued to your company.

• Travel arrangements: Please note that the cost does not cover airfare. Guests are responsible for booking their own flights. Arrival can be scheduled for either Sunday or Monday morning, with departure on Friday.

• Airport transfers: Transportation to and from the airport is included.

• Accommodation: Each guest will have a shared room equipped with airconditioning/heating. Bathrooms are shared as well.

• What to bring: It’s recommended to bring sportswear, hiking shoes, and swimming attire.

• Provided amenities: Towels and bed linens will be provided.

• Program flexibility: Please note that the program is subject to change based on weather conditions and availability.

• Liability and insurance: Participation in the program is at your own risk. It is advised to have suitable travel insurance in place.